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Of all the spiritual disciplines it seems that prayer is often the hardest to practice on a consistent basis. Part of the challenge is the fact that it’s a one-way conversation with God and there’s always that nagging sense that maybe he’s not hearing my prayers.

It’s also a challenge because it not always as measurable of a task as other spiritual disciplines. For example, when we read and study the Bible we can measure how much we’ve read and what we’ve learned but prayer doesn’t have the same quantifiable results because answers aren’t always according to what we were praying for.

Because developing and maintaining a regular pattern of prayer is often difficult, I’m thankful that we have these Psalms that provide a portrait of prayer that we might be instructed through them.

Psalm 5

I. The Heart of David’s Prayer (v. 1-3)

II. The Honesty of David’s Prayer (v. 4-6, 9-10)

III. The Humility of David’s Prayer (v. 7-8)

Praying in Trouble A Plea For Mercy