Take Heart In God’s Gracious Promises

Scripture: Acts 27:1-28:10 By: Tom Holczer

Faith Without Works Is Dead

Scripture: James 2:14-26 By: Glen Donaldson

A Scandalous Dinner Party

Scripture: Luke 7:36-50 Series: Luke By: Tom Holczer

Peace to You! He Has Risen!

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12, 36-40 By: Tom Holczer

Numbered with the Transgressors

Scripture: Isaiah 53:6-7, 12 By: Tom Holczer

Confused About Jesus: Are You the One?

Scripture: Luke 7:18-35 By: Tom Holczer

How to Get Through Trials and Hardships: Faith in the Words...

Scripture: Luke 7:1-17 Series: Luke By: Tom Holczer

The Measure and Maturity of a Disciple

Scripture: Luke 6:39-49 Series: Luke By: Tom Holczer

The Countercultural Love of God

Scripture: Luke 6:27-38 Series: Luke By: Tom Holczer

Ordinary to Extraordinary, Blessings and Woes

Scripture: Luke 6:12-26 Series: Luke By: Dan VanBemmel