Photo by David Boca

Our Purpose

Welcome to Cross Creek Bible Church!  We exist to glorify God by making disciples who are equipped for the work of spreading the gospel.  We seek to fulfill this mission through our 3 primary commitments.


In order to glorify God we must know Him as He has revealed himself to us in His Word – the Bible. To that end, we are committed to expository preaching that unveils the glory of God, exalts Christ and relies on the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit. At the heart of our preaching is the central theme of all of Scripture – the good news of salvation through the finished work of Jesus Christ.


Following his resurrection, Jesus gave his church the commission to make disciples. A disciple is one who is submitted to the rule of Christ and is being transformed into conformity to the image of Christ. This work of sanctification is hard work and is intended to be done alongside one another in the context of the church. We endeavor to equip followers of Jesus by providing opportunities for Bible study, fellowship and encouragement on a regular basis.


The work of making disciples does not just happen inside the walls of our church. The Bible instructs the individual members of the church to be salt and light among the world that has been darkened by sin with the sweet savor of hope that is found in Christ. Additionally, we partner with individuals and organizations, both locally and internationally, who are laboring for the advance of the gospel.