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Psalm 6 is the first of a group of Psalms commonly called the penitential Psalms. The setting for this Psalm is unknown but perhaps it’s the same setting as Psalm 3. Whatever the situation in David’s life was, this Psalm continues the theme of praying in trouble.

In this Psalm the source of David’s trouble is coming from a different place than previous Psalms – the major threats against him in those Psalms have been his own son seeking to overthrow his kingdom, men of rank who are turning his honor to shame and other assorted evildoers and wicked men.

In this Psalm he is dealing with his own sin before the Lord and the trouble, both physical and emotional, is tearing him apart and he is desperate for relief and deliverance from the toll his sin has taken on him.

I. Confession (v. 1-7)

II. Confidence (v. 8-10)

A Prayer for the Morning Refuge in a Righteous God